DILLON O'BRIAN | Grammy®, Emmy® & ACM® nominated Songwriter, Producer 
Los Angeles, CA



“Molly Rocklind is one of my favorite singers and I'm not only a fan as a listener, but also as a producer. Molly has that rare combination of an identifiable vocal style as an artist, coupled with the technical studio singing chops to be able to shape and contour her sound to suit the specific needs of a client. Molly's voice helped our team win two golden Pollie Awards, the highest honor awarded in a highly competitive area of targeted advertising. She's a great addition to any team going for the gold.”

AL BONHOMME   Producer, Songwriter
Los Angeles, CA

"I recently recorded a vocal track that Molly Rocklind sang for me. The tune had a few parts where a really high note was held out in full voice for a long time. Just for kicks I looked at the note she sang in auto-tune. It was exactly down the center of the pitch with a perfect consistent waveform on her vibrato! Truly amazing!In my 35 + years as a musician, guitarist, producer and songwriter, Molly is one the finest vocalists that I have ever heard and had the pleasure of working with. Her voice is powerful and dynamic yet is full of interesting subtleties on her softer side. She can belt out the contemporary pop and country stuff and then turn around and just wring out every ounce of emotion singing a more traditional country ballad.
She’s a fantastic harmony singer who blends well with other voices and she hears the great harmony parts. In the studio under pressure she is very quick, open to suggestions and may I say again, always in tune! She’s very easy to work with and she can even imitate my phrasing to a tee! I know a few times she sang some things that were very intricate that I wanted to keep, but she said “No I can do it better”.  Sure enough she would just nail it even stronger on the next take.
Molly has been my first call female singer for 5-years and that’s not changing anytime soon. Put that girl on the radio!!!!!"

RUTH POLLACK PAPPAS | Songwriter for television and film
New York, NY

“I write songs. But, unlike most songwriters,  I am not a singer. So, the day I found MOLLY ROCKLIND, was truly my good fortune! Whether my tune is Traditional Country, Latin, or Blues - Molly nails it. Her range, is nothing short of amazing. Molly can give me what I’ve written - word for word and note for note. Or, she can stay true to a melody line, but add her own personal zest and power ... giving me something far better, than what I’d had in mind! And … she makes it all look so easy. Molly is that rare combination of an excellent musician, and a wonderful, joyous human being."

CISKO RODRIGUEZ | Film & TV Music Producer
Kiko Rico Music
Los Angeles, CA

"To quote the ever effervescent Little Richard, "Good golly Miss Molly!". That would capture the sentiment I felt when Molly Rocklind finished singing on a Country track I wrote for a film and television pitch. As a producer of music for Film and TV I rely on a team of skilled and talented musicians to help my tracks stand out above the fray in a highly competitive market. The strength of a performance can make the difference between a song getting licensed or sitting on the shelves for eternity. So it was my pleasure to have gotten a nearly flawless performance from Molly on my track. 
Molly has a beautiful voice and expert studio technique. She has a wonderful musicality and understands what emotion is needed to express the strengths of a lyric. She is professional in every sense of the word, showing up on time, prepared, and able to take direction. In this business we deal with highly skilled musicians on a regular basis. And in a music town like Los Angeles it is not hard to find talent. What is more rare is finding a musician or singer who is not only talented, but easy to work with. Molly is not only that consummate pro, she is also one of the nicest, friendly, and good hearted people you will come across.
If you are looking for an uber-talented singer that will come into your session and "Kill It" I would highly recommend Miss Molly Rocklind without reservation."


JAMISON HOLLISTER | Producer, Composer
Greenville, MS

"Molly is without a doubt one of the most talented vocalists that I have had the privilege of working with. In addition to her impeccably great attitude and energy, she has the uncanny ability to blend into whatever song you throw at her. She's the real deal, folks!" 


JIM DOYLE | Producer, Musician
Santa Monica, CA
"Not only is Molly professional and easy to work with, she is one of the best singers I have ever heard."